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Our focus is to perform as your marketing partner/confident and your remote marketing team. Marketing like all business activity can ineffective and expensive for small business and startups, if not approached with a considered strategy and plan.  Don’t leave your marketing strategy to chance.

Partnering with each client requires a different approach; one off projects, on-going management, creation of marketing assets.  Let’s discuss your marketing and digital needs contact us

Consider these options...

Sometimes all we need is an adjustment or a shift in our thinking to adjust to different situations in business.  These packages are suited to small business and startups looking to increase their marketing activity.  If there is something specifically you would like for your business then let’s talk over a 30 minute free ‘Marketing Directive’ discovery call and progress from there. 


digital strategy


Do you want to gain more traction and increase your online presence? Then start right here…. I partner with you, shoulder to shoulder, to develop a tailored approach for your business.  You will be ‘Online Business Ready’ to start kicking goals and increasing sales!

So let’s get to it! Define your online presence… increase your skills and develop your confidence in digital marketing and using social media as part of your strategy.  

It is time to tell your story… to bring your business and brand to the front! We all know, people judge your business by the quality of your website, social media, newsletter information, and other marketing assets. Really whatever you are putting ‘out there’ must be true to your brand and represent your business in the best light possible.

The Adventure

Marketing strategy


This is your pivot, launch or growth opportunity – your complete solution to executing an informed and empowered marketing & digital strategy. Deep dive into your business, don’t pause.

Your strategy covers the nitty gritty (why, what, how, who and where) of marketing and digital strategy. 

From developing your business canvas, 90 day action plan through to the creation of a compelling offer your audience won’t be able to resist.

All focused on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your marketing actions.

Two options: Mini (3hrs) or full dive (5 hours)

The Adventure


Operating a business can be lonely sometimes… do you ever wish you had someone you in-house to collaborate with and co-design the direction of your business? 

Oh yes… this is what we love!  Working shoulder to shoulder with clients to see their goals achieved! 

This monthly mentoring focuses on keeping you on track.  It covers everything from strategy, social media planning, website, email campaigns, Facebook & Instagram ads, Google ads, budgeting and reporting. The list is endless…

Consider how your business could look if your external partner was assisting you to manage the levers to optimise your business revenue… your remote marketing team have your back.

LIMITED SPACES EACH MONTH – to ensure outcomes.


The Adventure

If you have considered these options, and there isn’t one to match your needs –  I am sure we can work something out! Let’s chat 0421 824 493  or meg@marketingdirective.co.

The focus is to work with you to ensure your marketing action delivers in spades…


It is all about creating your roadmap for your business.  Where do you want to be, what do you want to achieve and then a matter of working out how you will arrive at  your destination.  Marketing Directive have worked with a number of startups, small to medium and corporate businesses to assist them to achieve their objectives.  One thing is for sure those businesses with clearly defined marketing strategies all stand out.

For startups and small business being nimble, flexible and an ability to adapt to changing environments is a major positive.  Whilst you may not be considering a complete marketing strategy even developing a business canvas can assist in defining your business as an initial step.  There are always opportunities to explore and various exercises to work through to either set your direction or shift your focus.

One thing is true developing a marketing and digital strategy will allow you to effectively allocate your budget and assist in analysing the effectiveness of your marketing activity.

We know there isn’t one solution for every business, so we offer the following options for the development of your marketing and digital strategies:

      +   Guided marketing strategy/plan

If you prefer to work through the creation of your strategy in a workshop style to set your objectives and plan how you are going to achieve these there is a DIY solution.  Perfect for business owners who like to be hands on in the strategy development and may have in-house capabilities to manage the strategy.

      +   Tailored marketing strategy/plan

The marketing strategies prepared by Marketing Directive provide a new perspective on your marketing approach.  We focus on investigating and providing insights, defining your target market and profiling, channel marketing, key messages, budget, and direction for review and analysis periodically, plus more.  This is all to ensure your business is focused on the direction you would like to take it!  Our strategies do focus on traditional (offline) and digital (online) channels, if for some reason you would like us to only focus on one channel, this is possible too.
Let’s define the direction of your business… 

Creating digital strategy for small business and startups is what we do…


Time to review your website or are you about to launch into the digital space, we have you covered. We work across a variety of platforms at different price points, all depending on your needs.  Our websites are functional, professional and affordable for all business for a range of purposes.

We want your clients to enjoy the experience when they visit you online and make it easy for them to find you, and the same goes for Google.  Our setup process covers integration with Google workspace, email, social media and Google applications. Your website needs to work for you and promote your business products and services.  We believe we can achieve this for you.

Our website services include:

  • Easy to use WordPress, Shopify and Squarespace websites for business
  • Simple one-page long-form website for those on a budget
  • Comprehensive multi-page websites
  • Integration of e-Commerce stores
  • Landing pages for lead generation and digital email campaigns
  • Integration of e-learning courses


We understand what it takes to optimise your website to ensure it performs and ranks well.  After all this is what will drive your customers to you.  We offer various SEO packages with everything from audits to fully managed SEO programs.

Your SEO strategy will be unique for your business. Given this we also ensure we don’t provide SEO services for competing businesses.

Our process will involve an SEO audit to consider the areas of your website to review and provide these results to you for you to consider if you would like to work on the issues or if you would like us to assist you.  This is a transparent process and we discuss areas with you.

If you are interesting in discussing your SEO questions with us, get in touch.

Social media solutions

Social media management
Social media audit


Be noticed in a crowd!

By strengthening your brand presence it changes how customers see you, engage with you and overall perceive your business.

Your brand is more than your logo, name and slogan – it is the entire experience your potential and existing customers/clients have with your business.

This needs to be created through a strategic thinking process to tell your story, promote your business and at the end of the day make you some money!  The creative experience will define what you stand for and the personality you want to convey. 

To position your small business or startup competitively the brand strategy will consist of:

  • Your brand architecture: define your business, traits and what it means
  • Your brand promise
  • Positioning statements and brand story
  • Visual and operational brand guidelines


Whether it is time to launch a new business with an innovative, professional look or looking to refresh your existing brand we have you covered.  Our process will ensure your brand not only looks great but attracts your ideal customers.


Flyers, postcards, folders, lookbooks, business cards, letterhead, with compliments slips, brochures, print ads, signage, merchandise and more. We design and manage your needs to achieve a professional result in a timely manner.


Social media imagery, digital letterhead, email signatures, digital brochures digital advertising banners, and more. Your website design needs to be unqiue as well, something we have had a bit of experience with.

Contact us to discuss your needs.

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