Accountability Group – Pre-register for next intake October

Accountability Group – Pre-register for next intake October


The Accountability Group has been created with Entrepreneurs like you in mind. Those seeking to level up their digital and marketing game with accountability!

Membership of the MD Accountability Circle gives you;

  • A kick off a 1:1 session to discuss your business objectives and marketing activity.
  • Invitations to our Zoom ‘Masterclasses’.
  • Access to an Instagram Marketing Directive (MD) ‘Billboard’ restricted to the Accountability Group only. Here is a space to post a problem and shared solutions as a group – also a chance to build your business network.
  • Presentations, recording of sessions and additional resources all available on our online learning platform. (access post our sessions)

This means you will stay on track with your marketing activity, keep up to date with all things social media, receive practical skill demonstrations (in the Zooms) and a chance to network with your business peers.

We are only offering 10 spaces, and expect they will fill quickly so please do get in touch if interested. (Previous or existing clients will receive priority.)

Meg Kennedy and Sophie Hansen will be your marketing mavericks for the Accountability sessions.  The focus is to share our knowledge with you, coach you, assist you to push through your marketing hurdles and keep you focused on your goals.

(Please contact us directly if you would prefer a Payment plan: 1/2 deposit to secure your position then final payment a month later)

$1,200.00 excl. GST

What they are saying...

“I’ve loved being involved with the MD Accountability group. We’ve seen an instant improvement in our exposure. We’ve even landed a new client in international markets - we would never have been on their radar without implementing their suggestions. The program has so much information, I’m always referring back to the teachable notes and trying to implement as many of the lessons as possible. The biggest limitation is your own time constraints to apply it all. Working with the other businesses has been the hidden gem in the whole experience- learning together and sharing in their success has inspired us to keep trying to improve! Sophie and Meg are so generous with their knowledge and understanding the realities of small business so can help find the small win to get you started. I’d sign up for round 2 in a heartbeat! ”
Lisa Rowley | Springwaters Stud
“Meg was invaluable!!! She completely changed the way I communicated with our clientele. She gave realistic solutions and ideas to instantly engage with systems and procedures in a more productive manner! I cannot recommend Meg highly enough!!!”
Taz Stephens | St Mary's Parish School, Warren
“I have loved being a part of Meg and Sophie's Accountability Group. I was nervous going in, as I wasn't sure how much pressure to be "accountable" I could manage, but it has been such a positive experience. The pace has been easy to manage and the support really comforting. Meg and Sophie provide the perfect combination of theoretical and practical advice and really know their stuff. I feel far more confident about the direction I'm going in with my business and have loved making connections with other small business owners. Genuine friendships (and maybe a collaboration or two!) have been made. I could not recommend Marketing Directive's Accountability Group highly enough. I would even consider doing it a second time!”
Lizzie Waters | The Dill Tickle


Switched on small business business owners who are ready to level up their marketing activity to work smarter, and not harder.

Applicable for product and service-based businesses.

Open to all levels of experience.

Please consider your purchase carefully as no refunds will be offered post-purchase. Having said that, not a single person has requested a refund.